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Roleplaying rules. Empty Roleplaying rules.

Post by Luminous on Sat Mar 20, 2010 3:10 pm

I hate to impose rules but hey, most things have to have some kind of restriction/s placed to here are the rules!

- Do not god-mod unless you are given permission. This means taking control of another person's character or just making yourself extremely powerful in order to gain an unfair advantage. The latter is always frowned upon by RP creators, but taking control of another person's character can be perfectly acceptable.

- Post a few lines with each response. It's fine to post little if there is not much happening, but it's just plain annoying if you do it all the time as it really does not help the story to advance at all. Please try to put in the most detail possible at all times!

- This is more of a guidline. Please distinguish between comments that are in character (related to the RP) and those that are not. OOC comments (out of character) tend to be placed within brackets or something similar.

- If you have not been accepted into the RP then do not post unless you are posting an application! This is just plain rude and it can slow down the progress of a RP. Not to mention your posts then need to be deleted, etc etc.

- Put a limit on bad language. Now this really depends on the age of the people in your RP. It can help to put an age rating in the RP title, but I do not mind so much either way. However, if you just spam the post with swears then I or another mod/admin will be sure to delete the incriminating posts.

- Respect the RP creator and the other participants. Do not take out personal issues on a person's character simply because you may not like them IRL. Just be fair to everyone, accept that you and your character cannot always be perfect, and everything will be fine!

- Help people. If they are not an experienced roleplayer then guide them along. They have just as much of a right to RP as you do. Never dismiss someone simply because they may be a 'noob', unless your RP is intended for roleplaying professionals.

- This links in with the previous rule. If you did not accept an application for your RP, be polite about it. Do not simply say 'you're a noob' because that's rude and plain stupid.

- Casual roleplays are what they say on the tin...casual. You do not need a character sheet to post in one of these (feel free to make it a requirement though if you so please), and they only need a basic plotline or scenario. Essentially these RPs are for people to unwind in and be as crazy as they want to be...and line limits in posts should also be rather lax, within reason. Apart from that the same rules about respect apply.

This is it for now...have fun, and these rules are subject to being changed as I remember points. ^^

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