Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING).

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Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING). Empty Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING).

Post by Luminous on Fri Apr 08, 2011 11:45 am

This is a journey RP that will see a group of misfits travelling around the Oreoho region. They must battle through gyms, or indeed contest halls, in order to achieve their goals and make their dreams come true. That's the general idea. There may also be an evil team, so WATCH OUT.

- Follow the guidelines for RPs. This includes no Godmodding, Powerplay, Trolling, blah blah blah. I will emphasise that you should post more than one bloody sentence. Describe things! I will be in order to describe places, as I'm probably not going to be making a map for this region. This is because it takes a lot of time to create a map and I would prefer people to visualise the places in their own way.
- There is a list of starters that you can get from the lab in Yew Town. You may have ANY basic Pokemon as your first, but you MUST also get an official starter from the lab as well please.
- This RP follows the anime' logic (mainly), not the games. Yes you can have more than 4 moves as well.
Duplicates allowed.
- Silv needs to remind me to specify which TMs will be available to buy in each Pokemart when the time comes. xD

Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Chikorita, Totodile, Cyndaquil, Treeko, Torchic, Mudkip, Turtwig, Chimchar, Piplup, Pidgey, Togepi, Ralts, Cranidos, Tepig, Oshawatt, Snivy, Pidove, Axew.

~Yew Town
~Route 1 (Normal, Flying, Grass, and some water types here).
~Emerald Town, GYM BATTLE HERE.
~Route 2 (Grass, some Dark, Normal, Flying, Bug).
~Everglade Town, CONTEST HALL HERE.
~Greenpass Path (Fighting, Grass, Rock).
~Fronsai Town, CONTEST HALL HERE. Very Asian-esque.
~Route 3 (Fighting, Flying, Psychic).
~Shukaki Village. Daycare here. Also very Asian-esque.
~Route 4. Relatively short compared to the others though. Houses surround the path.
~Shenkai Town. GYM BATTLE, CONTEST HALL HERE. The last Asian-esque populace. Lanterns keep this place lit at night. A shrine sits here.
~Route 5 (Rock, Ground)
~Industlia Town. Urbanised. Nothing much here, apart from a shopping center. Has a lot of TMs. (May have to come back later on for better TMs). In the shopping center there's a woman who will groom your Pokemon and tempt you to delve into fashion. =/ Her fashion 'store' isn't so big mind.
~Pastor Village. Co-ordinator orientated populace. A lot of the wealthier citizens of Oreoho reside here. There's a spa and some very select shops within this small populace.
~Industlia Tunnel. (Rock, Fighting, ZUBATSSSS XC).
~Gronpass City. GYM BATTLE, CONTEST HALL HERE. Very rocky and secluded.
~Route 6 (Grass, Steel, Rock, Ground). Odd mix due to a hilly landscape.
~Fairway Town. Trainer school here. It has seen better days in all honesty...
~Sparkoff City. GYM BATTLE, CONTEST HALL HERE. There's also a fairground where Pokemon can be won! Yay!
~Route 7 (Poison, Bug, Flying, Grass).
~Mudflow Village. Hydro-energy facility here.
~Swampern Town. CONTEST HALL HERE. A lot of the buildings are on stilts because of the high flood risk within that area.
~Route 8 (Poison, Bug, Flying, Grass, Water).
~Monsuran Town. GYM BATTLE HERE.
~Route 9 (Flying, oddly some Ice, Grass. This route is VERY HIGH up). It's near the bottom of a HUGE mountain called 'Camerupt's Peak' simply because of its size/shape.
~Abandoned lab, Plann laboratory. (Steel and Electric types still wander around at this high altitude with the other Pokemon). On Camerupt's peak.
~Zephyr Village. Full of Flying types. Crazy people live here. :S On Camerupt's peak.
~Gustern Town. GYM BATTLE, CONTEST HALL HERE. Still at a high altitude. At the top of the peak.
~A massive tunnel network follows. There are even two villages in the tunnel- Cavo and Rockern villages. Dragon, Rock, Steel, Ground, Water, seldom Ice Pokemon appear around here. Lower altitudes of course. Oh, and expect to find some evolutionary stones and maybe some fossil Pokemon here as well. The tunnels snake through the mountain, but they're safe. Honestly. By the time you get out you'll be at the other side of Camerupt's Peak, and right at the bottom of it as well.
~Route 10 (Ghost, Dark, Psychic).
~Ghastly Village. A lot of spiritual/psychic people live here.
~Spectre Town. Graveyard here.
~Route 11 (Dark, Ghost, Psychic).
~ Spectral Pass. Scary. :O

1: Celvice. Grass. Bulbasaur, Budew, Snivy.
2: Jin-li. Fighting. Meditite, Timburr, Makuhita, Machoke.
3: James, a.k.a. Butler Sanders. Ground. Hippopotas, Dugtrio, Excadrill, Trapinch.
4: Rocker Houston. Electric. Emolga, Electrode, Luxray, Jolteon.
5: Zara. Poison. Seviper, Weezing, Toxicroak, Garbador.
6: William. Flying. Togekiss, Staraptor, Swanna, Pidgeot.
7: Captain Aquagill. Water/Ice. Wailord, Alomamola, Samurott, Milotic,
8: Lady Violet. Dark/Ghost. Honchkrow, Weavile, Mismagius, Dusknoir, Jellicent.

1: Master Yen. Fighting/Rock. Conkeldurr, Hitmontop, Lucario, Rampardos, Rhyperior, Tyranitar.
2: Ronald. Water/Ice. Empoleon, Gyarados, Floatzel, Beartic, Abomasnow, Dewgong.
3: The twins, Koetara and Yuhitzu. Psychic/Dark. Alakazam, Grumpig, Gardevoir, Houndoom, Absol, Mandibuzz.
4: Madam Susan. Dragon/Fire. Garchomp, Dragonite, Salamence, Charizard, Magmortar, Rapidash.

(Please note that there will be an Oreoho Battle Frontier with unique facilities as well. =D)


Please note:
You need MSN or Skype so that we can plan! I want to make it so people can essentially post for one another's characters. View the last incarnation if you are not sure what this entails!
Good luck, I will only accept the best!

I will probably not accept any more people. If I want people, I will specify so.

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Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING). Empty Re: Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING).

Post by Sniper on Fri Apr 08, 2011 11:52 am

Name: Zachary Bentley

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING). Oreoho___zach_bentley_sketch_by_pwnagesniper-d4ej7ff

He measures in at 5"11, he has short, light brown hair, piercing blue eyes and dimples on both his chin and just above his top lip. He's a relatively broad, imposing figure with relatively wide shoulders, and is quite strong as well. He usually wears a simple combination of a long sleeved t-shirt with black jeans and a beige beanie on his head, but whenever it's cold, he wears his black trenchcoat and black fingerless gloves with it.

Personality: Words beginning with the letter 'I' manage to define Zachary Bentley with relative ease. Intelligent. Introverted. Impatient. Insomniac. Most of his time is spent towards extra-curricular studies, rather than heading out with friends, he likes to get things done very quickly and he's recently lacked sleep.

His intelligence is shown through his vast knowledge in the mythology of legendary pokémon, his logical sense of thinking and planning, and his use of vocabulary in general conversation. His introvertness is shown is his unwillingness to socialise, his impatienceness is normally presented towards others inability to perform tasks and his insomnia? Self-explanatory.

Backstory: Zach was born in Celestic Town in Sinnoh, where as a young boy, he would always gaze upon the strange wall and cave paintings that were in the town, always wondering what they were, and what their meaning was. The elder of the town, Cynthia's grandmother, once explained to him that the painting of the three beings inside the cave, was the lake trio. She told him of how they represented emotion, willpower and knowledge. And from then on, Zach became incredibly interested in the myhtology of pokémon.

When Zach was 7, he and his parents moved to Canalave City, thanks to his father's new job in the dockyard. Zach found himself visiting the library regularly, reading much about the myths and legends of the three pokémon the Celestic elder was telling him about. He was simply fascinated at what he read, and gained a real passion for the subject. Of course, being only 7, many people who went to the top floor of the building were always shocked to see him, considering his relatively childish mentality at the time. None more so that Elite Four member Lucian, and the Champion, Cynthia. Zach was in there almost everyday, with his trademark hat on, reading the old books that no one had looked at in years. Whenever Lucian or Cynthia went in there, they decided not to disturb him, seeing how engrossed he was in the material. However, one day, when Zach was 12 and by complete conincedence, they were both in there at the same time. They started talking about Zach.

'That child over there...he's in here regularly.'
'I know, for the past 5 years, he's been coming in every day, stuck in that section over there.'
'Not my area of expertise, more yours in fact.'
'I've only just started, you know that, Lucian.'
'Yes, quite...you should talk to him.'
'It might seem a little odd to him. He's not been disturbed before.'
'Go on, please. He needs someone to talk to.'
'Hmm...alright then, if you insist.'

At that point, Cynthia approached Zach, who was reading a book on Sinnoh's mythology at the time.

'Hello there.'

Zach looked around to see the tall, blonde woman standing there.

'What's your name.'
'Zachary. Call me Zach if you want.'
'Very well, Zach. What book are you reading?'
'Er...it's on the myths of Sinnoh...and it's main pokémon. You know, the three lake ones and and other three as well.[/b]'
'[i]Oh, the lake trio...my grandmother told me so much about them. She's very wise, you know.
'Really? I was told a little about the three lake pokémon by the elder in Celestic Town when I was 6.'
'That would be my grandmother. And that explains a lot now.'

Cynthia smiled as Zach closed the book and looked at her, puzzled.

'Wow. You must be the champion then.'
'I am indeed, that man sitting over there would be Lucian, the highest of the Elite Four.'
'...have you been watching me, my mother always said not to talk to strangers.'

Cynthia smiled and laughed a little.

'We see that you come up here every day, without fail. Around about 2 hours a day, for the past 5 years. It seems that you are a smart boy. Do you have any friends?'
'Yes. I get visited every day by them, I always read up here, then go home and play with friends. They find me funny, yet...er...interesting, I think.'
'Do you tell them about coming up here?'
'No. They just like to hear about the stories I tell. It tends to be on what I read however, you might find a few of them downstairs.'
'They don't come up here?'
'They find it harder to read the books, they're very hard to read for most people my age.'
'And yet, you do?'
'I've been reading books for a long time. I could read books when I was about...two, I think.'
'That's amazing that you're able to read such detailed descriptions of all these myths and legends here...and yet you are such a young child. It just shocks me. Honestly.'
'Why? I just read books.'
'Yet you remain popular with friends, and you're reading books way above your comprehension.'
'No I'm not. I understand them fine, let me show you.'

Zach looked up to the shelf, and saw the book he was just reading. He pulled it out, and opened it to page he left off, and started to dictate.

'In the beginning, there was only a churning turmoil of chaos. At the heart of the chaos, where all things became one, appeared an Egg. Having tumbled from the vortex, the Egg gave rise to the Original One. From itself, two beings the Original One did make. Time started to spin. Space started to expand. From itself again, three living things the Original One did make. The two being- beings, sorry, wished, and from them, matter came to be. The three living things wished, and from them, spirit came to be. The world created, the Original One took to unyielding sleep...'

Zach closed the book, and put it back.

'Now that isn't all right. Hang on a second.'

Cynthia looked on in awe, she always saw this as true. Zach had gone off to find another book, Veilstone's Myth. He got a ladder, and climbed up to the top shelf, took the book, and climbed back down.

'Right. Here it says of a young man, an innocent idiot. He got a sword, and he killed pokémon with it for food. However, he went too far, and simply threw away anything else. The next year, no pokémon were around, apart from one...he asked it why it had hidden, and this is what it said in response:

"If you bear your sword to bring harm upon us, with claws and fangs, we will exact a toll. From your kind, we will take our toll, for it must be done. Done it must be to guard ourselves and for it, I apologize."

Zach closed the book.

'He then goes on about how he was...er...corrupt, I think the word is, and he snapped the sword. The pokémon vanished. Would you like me to carry on?'

Cynthia was frozen, and Lucian too was rather shocked at Zach's knowledge.

'...sorry. Wow.'
'I can tell you what that pokémon is. You may come to know it in the future, I've heard that it may return at some stage. Someone bad is going to do something silly. That's all I know. Someone else will come along and sort things out, which will be nice.'
'It's OK...you've told me more than enough. More than what I've learnt in total...maybe more than my grandmother...excuse me, I must go tell her about this.'
'Oh, OK...will I see you here again soon?'

Zach smiled, and Cynthia left in a slightly distressed state. Lucian approached him.

'You are a stalwart figure in today's modern society. You are just a phenomenal child...I'm honestly perplexed at just how great your knowledge is.'
'I learn things quickly, I guess.'

Lucian's watch beeped. A challenger had just reached Flint in the Elite Four.

'Oh dear, a challenger has arrived at the League.'

Lucian turned off the alarm and looked at Zach.

'We must meet again. I can learn a lot from you.'
'OK, bye.'

Lucian walked down the stairs, and left Zach on his own in the top floor of the building.

For every single day after that, up until he was 16, Zach continued to learn more and more on the myths of not only Sinnoh, but the other regions as well, such as the Towers in Ecruteak, the Ruins of Alph, the Regis, and also Snowpoint temple. He was alone, since neither Lucian or Cynthia returned by that stage...until Zach's final day in Sinnoh had arrived. By that point, everything at the lakes with the trio, Spear Pillar, Galactic, even Arceus' appearance had happened. Been and gone. Cynthia was no longer the champion, and so she returned upon hearing Zach's exit.


Zachary looked around, greatly surprised. A new teenager. A much more literate person, with a buzzing personality. He had kept his friends close and his books closer. He was, however, looking forward to his new life in Oreoho with his older cousin, Dominic.

'Greetings, Cynthia! I've been waiting a long time.'
'I know...I heard you are leaving tomorrow.'
'Indeed, I am. I'm finishing the final book up here, and I'll start packing.'
'I'm sorry I didn't come earlier.'
'It's quite alright. After all, with the events that Galactic were causing, it's hardly surprising to hear that even Arceus itself had made an appearance...you remember when I told you of the Veilstone Myth?'
'The man with the sword?'
'Yes...the pokémon I was talking about, I never got to tell you who it was, did I?'
'No, no you didn't...please, tell me.'
'Very well. Look at the book I'm reading.'

Zach showed Cynthia the cover. It was the first book he was reading 4 years ago when Cynthia first, and last spoke to him.

'Just finished...I'll turn back to the page I left on last time we met.'

Zach flipped through the pages until he found that very same myth once more.

'...here we are.

"From itself, two beings the Original one did make."

...that is, as we have seen, been proven incorrect.

He closed the book, placed it back on the shelf and looked Cynthia in the eye.

'The Veilstone Myth shows a pokémon revealing itself from hiding in another world. A place beyond seeing...it would only reveal itself when it wanted to be seen, no? What pokémon appeared at Spear Pillar, to prevent another world being created, as the expense of the current one being destroyed? You remember now, surely?'
'Exactly...Origin Forme and everything...a fantastic sight to behold, I thank team Galactic for posting footage, very briefly, on the internet...it was great to watch. Lucas really helped you out, didn't he?'
'...yes. And I wish you could've been there to help.'

Zach smiled.

'I am no trainer, simply a mythologist. Which is why I am leaving. I have read every single book here. I am learnéd. I leave with a very open mind as to what can occur in the future...I am prepared for it. This building has served me well. It has given me the intelligence to get things done in life. Away from here, I am, quite literally, mental. I act with buzzing amounts of energy, doing stupid things, admittedly. Here, I am calm, peaceful, collected. I am happy.'
'Then why leave? Your life is perfect, no?'
'No. I need new challenges in life. I'm going to Oreoho. My cousin is an experienced trainer, not as much as you, but experienced nonetheless.'
'I can teach you everything you need, or want to know!'
'My mind is set...I'm sorry, but I leave tomorrow morning. I will return some day, I know it...until then. Goodbye.'
'See you sometime in the future, Zach. More people like you need to be here. But no-one will ever be able to replace you. Goodbye Zach.'

Zach nodded, and left the library for the final time. He knew that he would return, but not for a long time...

He arrived in Yew Town the next day, and moved in with his cousin, Dom. Dom had organised a meeting with the professor, just as Zach had asked. With his new promotion in life, Zach set off for the lab.

Final team: We'll see how things go. Wink

Starter: Axew

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Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING). Empty Re: Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING).

Post by Terra on Fri Apr 08, 2011 12:04 pm

I'm about to start class, but I'll give this post a promotion later ^.~

Promotion time =3

Name: Teresa "Terra" Elite [Ter - rey - suh "Ter - uh" Eh - lite]
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: Reference

A determined aura surrounds her almost constantly, allowing her normally soft features to be made sharper and highly fierce. Her semi-long light blue hair is held up in a tight and short ponytail that lies just a little below her shoulders. Her eyes contrast her hair, with a dark blue, almost sapphire hues that are always focused on the topic at hand. A nice tan completes her natural look nicely.

In her clothing we find that Terra isn't flashy like some other girls her age. She sticks to a light blue tank with a complimenting white jacket (that is hardly ever worn). Most times she wears denim jeans that are dark in color, but may sometimes (very very rarely) wear a skirt of the same material. She sticks to casual running shoes that fit her look, and refuses to wear anything formal.
Personality: Outspoken and ready to prove herself to the world, Terra is not one you want to mess with no matter how she may be feeling. Be her in a good mood or a bad mood, she is constantly trying to make sure everyone knows that she will not back down no matter what. She'll speak her opinion even if no one cares, annoy the crap out of someone until they take notice of her, and is sure to try and make people take her point of view in steed of their own.

When it comes to difficulty that she doesn't want to deal with, however, Terra gets worse. She's thrown off her A-game in battle and constantly complains, much to the point where she doesn't even care anymore. And even worse, should she decide not to do anything about the problem (it's a 50/50 chance either way) she will continue to complain, and never let those around her forget about it afterwards. Her motto when it comes to problems is and always will be: "Anything to get rid of the problem, be it with or without my help."

That isn't to say the right person can't change her. God help anyone who tries...
History: Born and raised in the small town of Pallet, Terra was the youngest of a family of eight (with three older brothers and two older sisters, her mom and dad). Life was rather unfair to the young girl, as living in such a humdrum town got her no day to day excitement, and in a strange twist her older siblings always got their way. The first eight years of Terra's life (she demanded to go by Terra at age five, claiming "Tersa is stupid!" which did not help her at all.) were rather tough for her, as she was constantly having to kick and scream to try and do just about everything. Most times, said acts would end up, not only putting her in hot water with her parents, but caused most everyone (especially her siblings) to look down on her.

But Terra wouldn't be brought down, for on her ninth birthday, she came to a highly mature realization for someone of her age. And she would change from there, stopping the brattiness and becoming highly opinionated. From then on she refused to do as asked (unless her parents threatened her with grounding or not being able to go on her journey eventually) and went so far as to beat on her siblings when they tried to force her to do stuff. And it grew from there: her opinions becoming known whenever her angered outbursts when things were harder then they had to be, not to mention her extreme rebelliousness that caused her to become "the bad child of the family".

Terra's new persona didn't change in the slightest, albeit she was a bit happier, when her parents decided to send her off to her Aunt who lived in the rather unknown region of Oreoho. With a loud farewell, and a quick hug to everyone, she left for the unknown (at least for her) a grin on her face. Little did she know, going to Oreoho would be only the beginning of an amazing and wonderful new life.

Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING). 7_squirtle_front_norm
Tackle, Bubble
Pokemon PC/Lab:

Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING). 241_miltank_front_norm
Tackle, Milk Drink, Defense Curl


Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING). 152_chikorita_front_shiny
Razor Leaf, Aromatherapy


Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING). 607_litwick_front_norm
Ember, Will-O-Wisp, Curse


Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING). 619_mienfoo_front_norm
Meditate, Pound, Detect


Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING). 303_mawile_front_norm
Astonish, Fake Tears, Bite


Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING). 325_spoink_front_norm
Psywave, Rest, Snore


Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING). 345_lileep_front_norm
Acid, Energy Ball, Ancient Power


Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING). 37_vulpix_front_norm
Captivate, Flamethrower, Attract


Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING). 602_tynamo_front_norm
Charge Beam, Tackle, Spark, Thunder Wave


Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING). 41_zubat_front_norm
Leech Life, Supersonic, Double Team


Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING). 361_snorunt_front_norm
Powder Snow, Icy Wind, Headbutt


Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING). 132_ditto_front_norm


Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING). 360_wynaut_front_norm
Encore, Counter, Mirror Coat, Destiny Bond


The following are notes I am writing for when Terra gets her pokemon and what happens to them:

+ Squirtle: Starter. Given to Axel after she evolves to Wartortle.
+ Miltank: Catch on Route 1.
+ Chikorita: Hatches from Stolen Egg found in the first gym.
+ Litwick: Catch on Route 10.
+ Mienfoo: Trade with Youngster Joey for Machop caught on Route 3.
+ Mawile: Forced Trade with Axel for "Dopey Mistake" (aka Shroomish; Caught in Route 2).
+ Spoink: 'Won' from Fairground.
+ Lileep: Drops down on top of Terra's head and is beaten with Terra's bare hands before she catches it just outside Cavo Village.
+ Vulpix: Partner in 'Miss Pokemon Contest' in Industlia Town; Refuses to leave Terra after she wins.
+ Tynamo: Catch in Abandoned Lab.
+ Zubat: Catch in Industlia Tunnel.
+ Snorunt: Catch in Route 9.
+ Ditto: Caught outside Rockern Village where it is posing as a Dratini.
+ Wynaut: Received as a gift from her oldest brother, Cedric, just before the Elite Four.

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Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING). Empty Re: Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING).

Post by Lyvee on Fri Apr 08, 2011 12:08 pm

Name: Bethany Foucault


Gender: Female

Appearance: Bethany is a lean girl. Weighing in at 119 pounds and measuring 5ft 6” tall. Her facial features are fair and feminine, her lips seem to be permanently pouting and her aqua eyes always alert and observant. Her hair is a flowing myriad of blonde hues; her eyebrows plucked to perfection and her skin moisturised and made-up sufficiently at all times, although a little on the heavy side

Whether it is hot, cold, snowing or hailing, Bethany always has a pair of shades attached to her body. In her hair, or clipped onto her shirt. She usually wears checked shirts or T's with witty quotes on, mostly accompanied with some sort of loose cardigan or jumper. On the leg front – Denim shorts, leggings, jeggings, jeans with an assortment of boots, slip on dolly shoes, heels and hi-tops - The wardrobe of an average teenage girl. In winter or cold weather she usually wears something akin to this, the fur (obviously) fake.

Competition wear takes a more formal approach. A knee length sequin dress, with matching necklace and arm accessories, not forgetting a complimenting black purse, equally as glittery and as bright as the the moon in the right light.

Personality: Demanding, egotistic, over emotional. A few of the words that could easily sum up Bethany. Years of success and attention have worked their way into the mind of Bethany Foucault, causing her to develop a bit of a bloodlust for fame and fortune. Visions of grandeur often take up her thought space and delusions of super stardom drive her onward in her quest for recognition. Despite being a bit of a diva, Bethany has an excellent work ethic and is a 'take no prisoners' sort of person when it comes to providing help to others, often exclaiming that people should 'deal with it' and face their problems head on.

By the time Bethany was 6, she was taking was taking parts in all sorts of advertisements and shows, a child star and easily the most popular by far. Her cuteness and charm allowed her succeed in the competitive child acting business, at one point she was even doing commercials for the pokemart corporation, one of the largest Transnational companies in the world. Her life style became hectic and fast paced, disallowing her to take the traditional route of schooling and forcing her parents to do a mixture of home schooling and hiring a tutor to help their daughter excel academically, although seeing their child become so sought after in the acting business caused them to favour more 'artsy' subjects. Despite this, Bethany is no academically disadvantaged.

At the age of 13, Bethany had been given enough vocal lessons, dance classes and acting seminars to win any crowd over and began to plan to her big transformation from child star to pop sensation. However, she was greeted by much disapproval by the world when her first (And by all means amateurish) single, 'Poke'day', became a internet laughing stock, a complete viral mess. It took months before the next hip new video and craze came along and Bethany could fade back into the shadows. She did not become deterred by the infamy that she had now acquired. 3 years later she is now seeking a new way to worm her way back into the limelight...through Pokémon contests.

Final Team: Serperior, Nidoqueen, Kingler, Vespiquen, Bisharp, Slaking.

Starter: Snivy

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Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING). Empty Re: Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING).

Post by Luminous on Sat Apr 09, 2011 12:19 pm

Name: Axel Rowdan
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: https://2img.net/h/i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab166/Beyond_TheLimit/Role%20Play%20Characters/Callum_by_Apple_Craver_09.jpg
He generally looks like the guy in the image. His hair is a fiery red in hue, his eyes are a piercing grey, and he tends to wear different coloured t-shirts and jeans with trainers. In summer he will switch to brown or grey shorts with black vest tops. Axel is well-built in muscle for his age due to his love of lifting weights and doing boxing, and he is very tall (6'2''). He is not stick-thin but not fat, despite eating like a pig he tends to work those calories off somehow.

Personality: Axel is...well, really really dumb. It's quite unbelievable just how stupid he can be at times. He tends to think more with his heart and his stomach than his actual brain. His use of language reflects this- he tends to use shortened, rather colloquial terms with a lot of questions thrown in (usually regarding how to work a tin opener, or 'Why won't this thing work when I kick it?!') This teenager also loses his temper at the drop of a pin. If he doesn't quite like something then he tends to fly of the handle at such a velocity that someone is going to end up being bruised in the face. But despite these rather off-putting qualities and his typical lack of hygiene, Axel Rowdan is very faithful to his friends. If someone treats him with just a little bit of respect then he will repay them by being a 'bodyguard' as so to speak. This means that he will lash out at anyone who takes the mick out of his closest companions. But as you can probably tell, dear Mr Rowdan is not exactly the most endearing fellow. People really need a lot of patience in order to get on with him really really well. But just like any other person Axel loves to have a laugh, and sadly he tends to find humour in the crudest of things! He is also as stubborn as a mule, which is not a great combination with his firey temper. But his stubborn nature converts into a fierce determination in Pokemon battles (oh, and other battles I guess) that is second to none. If he has his sights set on something, he will try his best!

Backstory: Axel was raised by his parents in the Sinnoh region. While his parents generally disagreed with pretty much all of his personality traits and his love of destructive sports and Rock/Metal music, they took care of him and raised him with love. The Rowdans started to get worried by Axel's stupidity and his worrying temper (Axel managed to punch a hole through his bedroom door after being grounded for kicking a trainer's Pidgey). Plus he had never really experienced the world properly. His main pass-time had been lifting weights and going out with his 'metalhead' friends to kick some random park benches to pieces. Sue and Micheal Rowdan were ninety-percent certain that Axel had gotten in with the wrong crowd, hence why he seemed not to give a flying toss about doing anything worthwhile. Not to mention that his parents thought that he was a school bully- but this was not true. Axel had actually beaten all of those 'lil' runts' up because they had either annoyed him or been disrespectful to his closest friends at the time.

So when Axel turned sixteen his parents proposed that he should move to the region of Oreoho to live with his uncle and perhaps start a Pokemon journey just so that he had something a 'bit more productive' to do. Axel took this comment the wrong way. He stormed out of his parent's house, convinced that they had just listed him as a complete failure. But he did what they suggested and got onto the next ferry to Oreoho. He arrived at Yew town a week later and while his uncle James was rather surprised, he accepted his nephew with open arms. After phoning Axel's parents in order to hear the full story he decided that it would not be best to pressure him into capturing Pokemon for a living straight away. James let his nephew relax for a few months, teaching Axel how to do boxing and making him do some chores around the house. Axel did not seem to mind this as he preffered his uncle's relaxed attitude and he seemed to mellow out quite a bit (believe it or not he was worse before- he was constantly in a mood before arriving in Oreoho). Just as James suspected Axel started to gain a natural interest in Pokemon as he saw all of the new trainers going to get their first companions. James taught Axel more about Pokemon which fired him up more. A week before his seventeenth birthday, Axel proposed that he wanted to go on a Pokemon journey. Pleased by this news James said that he could go to the professor as soon as he turned seventeen. So...that's how Axel came to be in Oreoho.

Typhlosion, Houndoom, Machamp (traded to him as a Machoke), Clefable, Camerupt, Mawile (given to Terra), Breloom (recieved from Terra as a Shroomish), Gligar/Gliscor, Nidoking/Nidorino, Cranidos/Rampardos, Sharpedo, Heracross(given in exchange for Machoke?), Kirlia (the faithful one =P), Blastoise (Terra's old Wartortle).

Starter: Cyndaquil.

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Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING). Empty Re: Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING).

Post by Tuitfio on Sat Apr 09, 2011 1:00 pm

Pow! Here you go Smile

Name: Dustin
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Appearance: Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING). Womanizer_by_ScartletV
Personality: Dustin is a arrogant, sexist pig, if you were to ask the women in his life. He is a guy who cares mainly for himself and is full of confidence. He wants power and lots of it. Dustin doesn't believe that women are equal to men and find it stupid to think a girl could ever be as strong as a guy, in physical, mental or pokemon.
He has only ever let two girls enter his heart in his life. His mum and his first love.
Backstory: Dustin is an only child in a family dominated by men. His father has two brothers and his mother has one. Neither have a sister. For this he was always given the man's side of things and never the women. However he holds a special bond with his mother, after all, what son doesn't. However he may act, he would never show this in front of his mum.
Dustin has a naturally grasp on life and can easily do something for the first time and you would be none the wiser of his inexperience. Due to this, with a little experience he can excell at most things, giving him his arrogant, confident opinions.
He is beginning this journey because his father feels that he should go out and fend for himself. Dustin didn't mind this, he feels that it is another thing to be awesome at.
Final team: Mewtwo, Giratina, Arceus, Ho-oh, Lugia, Rayquaza HA!
Starter: Charmander
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Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING). Empty Re: Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING).

Post by Lyvee on Sat Apr 09, 2011 5:05 pm

Edited in my character Smile
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Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING). Empty Re: Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING).

Post by Terra on Sun Apr 10, 2011 10:38 am

Lyvee wrote:Edited in my character Smile

Same here =D
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Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING). Empty Re: Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING).

Post by Luminous on Sun Apr 10, 2011 11:47 am

Yeah me too...feel free to edit your sheets as many times as you want to, 'tis not illegal in the land of boats and such.

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Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING). Empty Re: Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING).

Post by Lyvee on Sun Apr 10, 2011 1:52 pm

Does that mean we're accepted then? Razz

Are we going to wait for more people?
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Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING). Empty Re: Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING).

Post by Luminous on Sun Apr 10, 2011 1:53 pm

Look at the first post. =P
Me, you, Tuitfio, and Sniper are in no matter what.
And yes I will be waiting...probably for a few days because it doesn't look as if there's much more interest.

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Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING). Empty Re: Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING).

Post by Tuxie on Thu Apr 14, 2011 9:34 pm

Allison Hayes

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING). Oreoho___allison_hayes_sketch_by_pwnagesniper-d4ej8w8

Additions: Allison is of slightly below average height, 5' 0.5", and has blonde hair. Most often she stands with a straight, polite posture without any sort of spinal bending or leaning. Despite her seemingly rigid stance, her movements are elegant, quick, and graceful, at least when she is engaging in tranquil movements. When enacting in rigorous movements, she becomes shaky and confused, as it is outside her comfort zone. Most often she prefers her outfits to consist of rather fancy, formal dresses from personal habit. However, for the journey through Oreoho, she has been given a modest amount of alternate clothing for better travel; among them blue jeans, a couple skirts, and several t-shirts. She was only allowed to take her coat for the cold weather.

Personality: Well mannered, polite, and kind; these are the main recognizable facets of Allison’s personality. She begins every meeting with a curtsy (as it is a force-of-habit), and speaks eloquently without colloquial slang or cursing. She gives her all to respect everyone she meets regardless of their behavior towards her. When in a position of mental dislike or hatred, she simply smiles and tries to shake it off, keeping the feelings inside. To bring out the anger in Allison takes great amount of pushing and irritation, and when it is brought out, to quell it requires seclusion of her being and her mind. Because of this, she has a hard time expressing her true feelings to anyone, and while not antisocial, she is very shy and she masks herself very often, rarely letting people get close to her, save for a single exception. While creative thinking is not Allison’s strong suit, she is far from dumb and can follow logic trains when necessary. However this does require Allison to know about the topic in question. On a final note, Allison is rather wary of battling.

Backstory: Allison’s original homestead is that of Violet City. She was born to a wealthy family, her mother and father both in high positions at Silph Co., and raised in a sheltered environment with very little extended contact with the outside world save for school. Compounded with her shy nature, this left Allison alone for a majority of her childhood.

It wasn’t until the age of 8 when she found her first friend, who by coincidence happened to be her first Pokemon: A Teddiursa. The Teddiursa, found alone and eating berries in the family garden, took a liking to Allison because of her kindness and gentle demeanor, however they did not bond initially. While against the Pokemon, her mother did not prevent the bonding of the two, as the Teddiursa took refuge in the garden, and eventually the two became true friends when Allison was ten, when she, after asking permission of course, caught it with a Luxury Ball given as a birthday present. Despite this, Allison did not consider battling with the little cub at all, and they remained strictly friends.

At the age of 14, her parents began to worry about Allison’s social life, her shyness, her introverted nature, and the lack of a foreseeable future in her midst. Her father, having gone down such a road before, decided to send Allison to Oreoho to learn the experiences of adventure and find her true calling in life. Allison’s mother, while somewhat against the situation, again did not prevent the event. The actual supposed opposing force would’ve been Allison herself. She was wary about going away from her comfort zone, away from her parents, away from the world she was natural too, but alas, her inability to speak up to her parents led her to complying with the request, and was sent to the region. To help make it a somewhat fair deal, her parents allowed her a few keepsakes, and Teddiursa.

Initial: Teddiursa

Starter: Chikorita


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Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING). Empty Re: Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING).

Post by Lyvee on Sat Apr 16, 2011 4:45 pm

OOC: The RP begineth!

“Yew Town?” Bethany remarked with a unimpressed sigh “More like Ew Town” She dusted herself off, making sure her outfit wasn't creased from the drive here. She was wearing a pair of denim shorts with white T-shirt and leather jacket, and was determined to keep them clean. Her hair was tied up in a messy bob on her head, which was apparently all the range now. She had been outside the lab now for 10 or so minutes, absorbing the surroundings seeing as the building wasn't actually open yet. She sat on the wall, with her backpack slumped up against it, continuously looking left to right and vice versa, attempting to find something of interest or perhaps someone to come and open the damn lab. Being in a pretty secluded part of the town, the only thing of interest was a Caterpie attempting the cross the path, which she glanced at every few minutes watching it's slow progress.

Another 20 minutes passed before a man in a white lab coat appeared from up the path. Upon seeing him she jumped from the wall, rubbing her butt where the material had dug in. Perking up, she smiled at the man, albeit in a 'Hurry-up-I've-been-waiting-for-ages' manner. He gave her a glance and scoffed, seemingly slowing down and taking great pleasure in spending a great deal of time shuffling round for his keys in his pocket. He moved at a glacial pace, eventually opening the door and walking inside. He muttered something about the professor being along soon and that she should wait on the designated seating area before half heartedly flopping his arm at the seats. The girl sighed, rolled her eyes and began to shuffle into the building, allowing herself one last glance at the Caterpie, which had disappeared. In the distance she thought she could see a bird flying away with what looked like a squirming stick in its talons, although she was rushing through the door at the time so it could have been anything.

There was a neat seating area laid out at the front of the building, with the rest of the lab behind it looking all...medicinal and clean, like someone has sprayed bleach all over it.. She sat on one of the chairs, if you could call it that. It resembled a white cube, but offered a much more comforting experience when sat on. It felt like Persian fur, so soft and welcoming. There were others strewn around too, black ones, small foot rests and larger sofa versions which all took on a cuboid design. In the middle sat a coffee table, also white, but was oval in shape, contrasting the rest of the furniture. On it lay a plant pot and an incense burner, which was empty. Bethany lent her bag up against her perch and began to survey around, hoping the professor would hurry the hell up.
“Professor Oak would never be this tardy”
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Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING). Empty Re: Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING).

Post by Luminous on Sat Apr 16, 2011 6:02 pm

The curtains were shut tightly against the glorious sunshine outside. Pidgeys, Pidoves, and Starlys could be heard calling to each other outside as if they were orchestrating a morning song. The relatively peaceful sounds were being drowned out by the loud snoring of a local teenager called Axel Rowdan. The messy covers submerged his large frame as he snoozed. His expression was a slight frown, which was the norm for him. His alarm started to shake teasingly then it jumped up and down, bleeping noisily.


Axel groaned and punched the alarm, breaking it in the process. He yawned loudly and sat up. Using his fingers he attempted to tame his fiery red mane of hair, but not to much avail. The bed covers were thrown onto the floor without any concern for tidiness. Afterwards he got up and literally fell into the curtains because he couldn’t see very well in the darkness. After tearing them away from his frame he scrunched his eyes up against the harsh sunlight. Sweet wrappers and random clothes were strewn around his bedroom floor in a messy fashion. A rucksack stood in the corner that had already been packed- his uncle had packed the provisions that Axel would need so that he wouldn’t forget anything important. The clothes that were on his bedroom floor were just extras that wouldn’t have fitted into the large bag. The teen got himself dressed swiftly and stomped towards the bathroom. He began to wash his face, doing the usual routine of getting soap into his eyes several times and scalding himself with warm water. He uttered darkly to himself out of irritation. The cold tap was broken anyway. Nothing in the house was in tip-top condition as Axel’s uncle was rather poor. Axel glanced up at himself in the cracked mirror and smirked, seemingly satisfied. He bypassed his bedroom to pick up the rucksack and stampeded down the staircase towards the kitchen.

‘Oh good, you’ve got the rucksack then,’ James quipped. Uncle James was stood at the cooker preparing the cooked breakfast. He was even taller than his nephew, but he had dark brown hair (face-length) and a stubble-covered chin. Axel sat himself down at the wooden table that was positioned just next to the door. The room was rather small, with just that table, the cooker, one worktop, and a fridge right at the other side of the room. The microwave had exploded the previous day and the kettle had engulfed the room with smoke the week before so they had been disposed of. Axel looked towards his uncle expectantly.

‘Yes, it’ll be ready soon…did you break the cold water tap in the bathroom by the way?’ James smiled, shaking his head slightly in disapproval. Axel shrugged.

‘Think I did, dunno…but I remember that tap bein’ a little weak anyway, stupid thing,’ Axel commented rolling his steely grey eyes afterwards.

‘I bet that you turned it clockwise instead of anti-clockwise like the last time…oh well, it’s not a problem son. I’ll fix it later. Here you go.’

James placed Axel’s breakfast on the table. The plate was piled high with scrambled eggs, bacon, beans, hash browns, and sausages. He brought the cutlery and two cups of orange juice before seating himself opposite his nephew with a much smaller meal. At least James could afford good food- he had to with a pig like Axel in residence. They both finished their meals at the same time. Axel had literally dived into his breakfast as soon as it had been placed on the table. Uncle James had eaten at a much slower and polite pace. Axel downed his orange juice in one and belched loudly in appreciation.

‘Thanks uncle, yer the best,’ Axel grinned.

‘No problem Axey. You’d better be making tracks otherwise you’ll be late. Everything is in your rucksack, including some money. It’s not much but you should be fine. Make some friends and travel with them, you’ll be better off with other people to support you. Choose a good starter Pokémon, get a good team…and that’s about it. Give your uncle a hug before you go,’ James said with another kind smile.

Axel got up and folded his arms tightly, scowling at his relative defiantly.

‘Hugging is for pussies,’ Axel grunted.

Before he could react James pounced at him and tackled him into the wall, pulling him into a tight hug. Axel attempted to squirm out of James’ grip but he was laughing too hard to concentrate. His uncle was guffawing loudly too. The grip was finally released and Axel scooped his bag up from the floor.

Axel and James headed towards the doorway and they approached the door that lead to Yew town.

‘Buh bye dude,’ Axel said.

‘Take care son, see you later.’

Axel stepped outside and grinned ecstatically. He was about to embark on an adventure at last. He’d be able to camp outside and do all of those other cool things that he had been thinking about, although some of those thoughts were a little unorthodox (like warming up his boxers over a warm campfire). The small town was green and peaceful like usual, with the laboratory in sight down the pebbled track to his right. The café and three small shops were to his left along with just a few more houses. Axel headed towards the clinical looking white building as it was unmistakeable and easy to find even for someone like him.

‘Hey, watch out sir!’ a voice cried. Axel shrugged and ignored the voice, which was an error. About ten seconds later he was sprawled across the track coughing up stones. A Voltorb was sat next to him looking rather pained and annoyed in equal measure. Axel glared angrily at it and stumbled to his feet. But he was distracted when someone tapped him on the arm.

‘WHAT?!’ Axel roared.

A little boy wearing a t-shirt and blue jogging bottoms was looking up at Axel. His eyes were watering slightly. The poor boy was no older than seven years old.

‘I…I’m sorry, my little Volty ran away sir…I tried to tell you bu…but you didn’t hear me,’ he sniffled.

‘I DON’T CARE, YOUR POKEMON IS STUPID!’ Axel bellowed. The Voltorb rolled closer to Axel, tapping his leg.


Before Axel could finish his other statement the disgruntled Voltorb exploded, engulfing Axel in smoke and knocking him to the floor once more. The little boy looked rather surprised but relieved. He scooped up his weakened Pokémon companion and ran away from the scene. Yet again the teenager clambered into a standing position, wobbling on the spot. He struggled to stay upright as he walked towards the Pokémon laboratory. After walking into the door several times an aide opened it. The bespectacled boy got out of the way with a look of confusion on his face. Axel saw one of the comfortable white seats, grinned stupidly, and fell across it, not even noticing the girl sat opposite him. His clothes smoked slightly and his hair stood on end. Not to mention that he looked as if he had crawled out of a chimney. Bethany looked down her nose in disgust at him, thinking about how unclean he was and how much she didn’t want him to be near her.


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Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING). Empty Re: Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING).

Post by Tuitfio on Wed Apr 27, 2011 9:25 am

"So Dustin, where you off to tonight?" Asked a middle aged man to a seemingly younger version of himself.

"Ah I dunno, probably just round up the guys and have a few drinks."

"Sounds good, just remember I need you to travel to Oreoho tomorrow. So don't be too hangover in the morning. Haha!"

"Dad, look at me. I mean, come on." Dustin replied waving his arm up and down to signal the pure awesomeness he gave off. The two said their goodbye's and Dustin left the room. Hands in pockets.

Walking into his front room, he wondered over and picked up the phone. He dialled the number and put it to his ear. It was a fair few seconds before there was a response from the other side and when it was answered a croaky voice filled his ear.

"Bro, what's shaking. Meet me at the local in 30!" Dustin ordered.

"Make it 60 and you gotta deal. You woke me up."

"Woke you up? It's 6pm how could I possibly wake you up?"

"Well I was asleep, you called, it woke me up. Simple really."

"Fine but you're buying the first round." Dustin sulked.


An hour later the two met up, with Charlie having a slight surprise for Dustin.

"Dustin, I'd like you to meet Elizabeth." Charlie said signalling at the girl on his arm. Dustin, due to just taking a mouthful of his drink spat it out in shock. Dustin looked at his friend in disgust.

"What have I told you, girlfriends are stupid. You don't want to be tied down to one woman. That's crazy. Crazy!"

"I'll have you know Charlie isn't like you, he understands women." Elizabeth piped up.

"Aww that's cute, here's 50p, go make me a sandwich." Dustin sarcastically said, flipping a fifty pence piece into her hand. Charlie gave him a stern look, to which Dustin chuckled. "Hey all I'm saying is she shouldn't be on your arm, she should be in the kitchen!" Dustin smiled. Elizabeth 'hmphed' and ran off in a sulk. "Bro, you're welcome". He said placing a reassuring hand on Charlie's shoulder.

"Urgh you're shut an idiot!" The friend shouted, leaving to chase after his female companion.

"Erm, try awesome..." Dustin called back, as Charlie raced out the door. He turned to the bar and ordered another drink.


The next day Dustin awoke to the sun escaping the outside into his room through a soft gap between his curtains, the Starly and Pidgey singing together in perfect harmony, the distinct sound of trickling water, Poochyena play fighting and a large annoying fist pounding his door. The banging came again. Dustin clutched his head in pain.

"Urgh go away!"

"Oi! Boy you owe me an errand, I warned you to watch yourself last night." His father called through the door. The banging continued with Dustin still trying to ignore it until his dad mumbled something. The banging stopped and a bright light flashed from beneath his door. It was silent for a moment. Suddenly the door exploded into a thousand pieces and in it's place were his father and a Lucario.

"Alright, I'm up!" Dustin exclaimed, dragging his carcass from his bed.


Dustin said his goodbyes, took the map off his father and was off on his way trudging down the lonely path that led away from his house. All the while still half asleep.

As Dustin trudged down the quaint little road in Yew Town, which led straight to laboratory of Professor Berry, Dustin notice a small cafe. On an impulse he decided that he was in the mood for a nice cuppa' and push the door open.

"Just a tea please." He asked to the waitress. She was face down in a book, and hadn't acknowledged the new presence of Dustin enter the store. Slowly the blonde tilted her head up and the gormless expression that was on her face whilst reading, soon transformed into a rather red, rather scrunched up, rather angry one. Dustin hastily took a step back.

"YOU!" The waitress said in a shrill voice. "You left me in the middle of Seafoam Island! I opened my heart to you and you abandoned me. On Seafoam Island! With no way of getting back, several pokemon in all directions! It's only lucky that a nice gentleman happened to be passing through and gave me a lift to Cinnebar Island. I swore if I ever saw you ag... Seaform Island! Of all the places!"

"Well, erm..." Dustin started wondering how he would get out of this one. "I didn't leave!"


"That's right, I walked off for five minutes... to look for some, Zubat... and when I came back you had vanished." Dustin improvised to a rather shocked waitress. "That's right, do you know how long it took me to get over that. A very long time."

"Oh my gosh, I am so sorry, how ever can a make it up to you?" She asked concerned, putting a hand on his arm. Dustin looked at the reader with smug 'yeah I did' nod.

"Well it hurt me pretty bad, but, I think we could give it another..." Dustin stopped mid sentence as a pretty brunette young lady, walked through the door of the cafe. Taking a seat she politely waited for an employee to come take her order. 'Hello.' Dustin said to himself. 'If given a choice, always go for doctor Strangelove.' He continued, suddenly ignoring the existence of the waitress and walking over to his new unfortunate target. "Daddy's home!" He said casually.
"Oh hello there I would just like a bacon sandwich please and a cup of coffee, if that is ok?" She asked.
"Baby, you can have whatever you want and no doubt that's me." Dustin said with a wink and putting a sly arm around her. The girl began to look uncomfortable before the waitress came to her saviour.
"Hello could I just have a bacon sandwich to go please and a..." The brunette began before she was cut off by an almighty thud as the waitress had slapped Dustin clean around the face. Dustin stumbled back, completely off balance. He stumbled, tripped over his other leg and flew straight towards the toaster, his hand slipping into a bread slot. Steam began emanating from the toaster, Dustins face screwing up into one full of utmost pain, holding back the screams he began to hit the toaster on the counter in an attempt to release it from his hand. After a few hits he was stopped by an unusual ticking coming from the toaster.
'How does a toaster tick...' He asking himself before a tiny explosion formed from the toaster as it flew off his hand. "OOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW" He yelp waving his hand about the air.
It was a few minutes before Dustin was able to compose himself and fight through the pain, he left the cafe and continued onto the lab.

Dustin summoned the rest of his remaining strength and opened the great oak doors of the lab. Without looking slowly he made his way forward and sat on a chair next to the only two in the room, hand burnt and his cheek red.

"Yo, what's up?" he asked weakly.
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Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING). Empty Re: Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING).

Post by Terra on Sat May 21, 2011 9:32 pm



A pale hand reached out from under the extensive amount of covers and sheets, tapping on the nightstand in several places missing the alarm clock each time. Papers and other minor objects fell to the floor as the over exhausted person beneath the warming mass finally decided to reach out further. More taps against the nightstand still left the clock blaring the same wake up signal, it was starting to aggravate the person beneath as their hand balled up into a fist. The newly formed fist smashed down, finally meeting the clock, crushing the cheap plastic and causing the hand to meet the inner workings of the clock. A small jolt of electricity ran up the arm and caused the person in bed to scream in pain.


The mass of blankets and sheets were on the floor, sullying the tidiness that had been there moments ago, revealing the person underneath. A young girl, no older than fifteen was paying for the stupid mistake of smashing her alarm clock. She sat in the bed, clutching her hand, biting her lip as she tried to get rid of the pain in her arm, unfortunately for her in vain. And even more unfortunately, the pain did not subside quickly, only spiked randomly leaving near unbearable aches in her system. Luckily however, the only other person in the house would take the girl's mind off the self inflicted pain for at least a little while.

"Teresa! Breakf-"


The woman downstairs sighed as the young teen corrected her.

"Terra! Breakfast is going to be ready soon!"

"Kay! Down in a second!"

And so the pain was forgotten (at least for now) as Terra was on her feet and out of her room in no time flat. She rushed down the hall, passing the stairway and heading for the final door, the bathroom. But her momentum didn't slow as she reached the door, hoping to open it and head right in and get ready for the day. But unfortunately for the over energized teen, her world was a cruel place as the door did not swing open and she ran smack dab into the wood that separated the rooms with a bang.


"The door's stuck remember?"

The pain struck teen cursed in response before banging on the door, turning the knob and forcing it open. She stepped in, closed the door behind and turned on the water, ready to just relax and forget about her so far terrible morning. And it was quite easy as the warm water washed her stress away, and allowed her to clear her mind. Today was an extremely important day after all, starting a pokemon journey required the utmost focus and attention, at least in Terra's mind it did.

Although she had promised to be only a couple of seconds, Terra finally came down to the kitchen dressed and prepared half an hour later. But the woman had been expecting this, and thus had planned to finish preparing the morning meal later. But did the teen notice at all? Not in the slightest. And so, the meal went by quickly, and goodbyes ensued without the future trainer regretting a second of it. The woman wasn't too important, not to say she wasn't grateful to be staying with her, but she was only her aunt that she'd only just met.

Nevertheless, that was behind Terra as she raced out the door, heading away from her aunt's house, making it only so far before disaster struck again. A loose stone in the road making the morning of deterioration worsen, landing flat on her face.

"Ugh... why?"

She didn't get up right away, trying desperately to keep from exploding in a violent, enraged outburst that would likely get her in trouble with more than one person. And so she slowly pulled herself up, wiping herself off slightly as she took deep, even breaths. But as she stood, and continued wiping herself off, she found it quite impossible to keep calm, stomping off her teeth locked together.

Terra kept going, knocking into a rather petite girl as she found her way to the lab, stopping short to stare at the girl. The look on her face was nothing other than pure exasperation, her eyes sharpening on the innocent girl.

"Watch where you're going!"

With a huff she turned and continued on her way to the lab, entering shortly after, storming over to where a couple other trainers stood, looking away from them. She made it rather clear she did not want to be spoken to.
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Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING). Empty Re: Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING).

Post by Tuxie on Mon May 23, 2011 11:25 pm

She blinked. Her eyes began to flicker with the eyelids rapidly revealing the membrane beneath, returning vision to the list of active senses now taking place in Allison’s consciousness. The alarm for these was the reactivation of her hearing sense, which in turn was caused by a fuzzy sound wave blasting in stereo, ”Passengers we are approaching into the Emerald town area. Please make sure your tray tables are up, your seat belts are securely fastened, your seat-backs are in their upright positions, and all electronic devices are powered off and stowed. The current time is 9:14; we will be landing shortly. Thank you.” Allison sighed to herself, and glanced to the right. The vacant seat taunted her, as she had no one to converse with to keep her nerves aligned; but even if there had been a talkative passenger resting in that seat, the conversation would’ve been a socially awkward, masquerading, apathetic mess. Almost...there... she calmed herself. At least I have Teddy. She moved her eyes to the Luxury Ball laying in her backpack hiding in the seat in front - despite her wishes her father forbade her from bringing her purse as her travel bag. Through the translucent cover of the capsule the bear Pokemon slept, apparently able to ignore the intercom much better than the paranoid Allison. Still, the tranquility of her best friend was a relaxing sight, able to simmer the erratic mindset currently taking residence in her subconscious enough to focus on the topic at hand: the steps to follow. I have no checked bags, so the first step is to...find the chauffeur driving me to Yew Town. Right. Then I’ll need to find the professor...what was his name? she pondered for a bit, struggling to remember the simple name. Did we even mention it? I’m pretty sure we did... She was lost in thought for a good while until suddenly a rather noticeable rumble shook the entire plane, Allison yelping a small bit, “YEEP!” before turning to the left and seeing the runway of the airport in plain sight. “Oh...” she tried to compose herself again, breathing deeply in and out until the plane came to a halt.

She departed the gate, backpack wrapped around her shoulders and walking stiffly through through the the exit of the concourse. Her hands were tightly gripped around the shoulder-straps, tense and reactant as she stepped onto the slowly descending escalator. I don’t know anyone here... she glanced about; her eyes making her way to her shoulder straps. Except... She stepped from the escalator and got out of the way of the traffic, making her way to the baggage claim where the chauffeur would be waiting, pausing once she reached the busy junction. She carefully slid her arms from the straps and held the bag in front of her, struggling to hold it and reach inside at the same time. She clutched the Luxury ball containing the now awake Teddiursa and pulled it out, the two locking eyes at first chance. Allison smiled and prepared to push the button to let it out, when suddenly...

“Hey girl, nice Poke Ball you got there.” a deep, masculine voice came from in front of her, behind the backpack that obscured her vision.

“Huh?” Allison lowered the bag, seeing two menacing figures looming over her, one male, one female, both in outlandish costumes.

“Luxury brand, correct?” the female sneered.

“Um...yes ma’am!” Allison nodded eagerly, smiling to avoid disrespecting her.

“What’s in there...” she peered into the ball , “Oooooh! A Teddiursa!” she widened her eyes, “Rather cute, I must say.” Teddy from inside cocked his head to the side with a quizzical look.

“Yes...this is Teddy, my Teddiursa.”

“What a healthy and well groomed Pokemon you have there! Would you mind if we had a closer look?” the male asked.

“Certainly!” Allison nodded with a slight facade of a grin plastered on her face as she opened the ball. These...these two are weird. she thought as she watched Teddy emerge from the ball and land firmly on his two pawed-feet. “Ursa!” it chirped, locking its face into the quizzical position once the two strange folk lowered their heads to take a closer look. “Even better in the physical form! Very nice indeed!” the female raised her eyebrows and smiled.

“Yes, I take very good care of him.” Allison continued her smile.

“Hm...” the man grabbed the bear cub by the armpits and lifted him up to his eye level, further examining his status. “Yes...very much, what do you think Cher?” he turned to the woman.

“Oh I think he’ll do wonderfully!” the woman exclaimed, slapping her palms together eagerly.

“What are you two...talking about?”

“Oh...um...well we’ve selected your Teddiursa for um...special...treatment. It’s a common airport policy you know.” the male rubbed his head.

“Airport policy?” Allison raised her eyebrow. I wasn’t informed of this!

“Yes miss.” the female replied grabbing Allison’s hands, “We’re employees here, couldn’t you tell? We’re hired to make sure that all well-kept and well trained Pokemon are given proper attention so that the agencies here in Oreoho ca-”


The conversing pair, along with the majority of the people in the baggage claim, shifted their eyes to the source: the man holding Teddy was glaring with malevolent eyes at the bear, who had its claws raised, its eyebrows in an angry arc, and was now standing on the floor. The man had two intersecting sets of scratches on his face, one for each claw on Teddy’s paws. The two females had their eyes in shock at this result. “I’m so gonna teach you a lesson when we get back to HQ.” he pointed at the bear’s face.

“Hey! Leave Teddy alone!” Allison grabbed Teddy and yanked him from the ground.

“No! He’s ours!” the man stretched his arms out and tried to grab the bear, only for Allison to recoil back and have the man fall comedically to the floor. “Oof!” he grunted, while the woman bit her lip awkwardly.

“What’s going on here?” a gruff man bellowed, stepping into the fray. Allison glanced her eyes towards the now visible officer, the uniform bringing hope into her eyes. I’m saved!

“Um...nothing important officer! Just a colleague of ours!” the woman scratched the back of her head awkwardly.

“They...they were trying to steal my Teddiursa!” Allison screeched.

“Hm.” the looming, bulky officer turned to the duo, “Is that so? You two look familiar, haven’t I seen you before?”

“What gave you...what gave you that idea! Ha ha!” the woman laughed again, trying to stay positive while she helped her teammate up. “Come on Bill, we gotta go!” she whispered.

“What do you two think you’re doing!?” the officer’s hand shot to his Poke Ball.

“Errrr...ummm...” the woman mumbled, her hands snapping quickly to her waist, the man comedically falling to the ground with a loud ‘thud’ with her release of his wrist. “Boldore, sandstorm cloak!” she pushed the button on the capsule with lightning speed, releasing a stout, heavy, craggy, and cobalt creature to emerge and smash to the ground on three pointy legs. Allison reacted with a shriek upon its emergence, its very appearance causing fear in the young lady. This outburst distracted the officer long enough for the creature to commence its maelstrom of grit, spewing the ground-up particles into a twister-barricade with its ruby, gem structures pointing upward from its body so as to obstruct viewing. Allison’s delicate composure immediately resorted to a coughing reflex and clenching her eyelids shut, working at any method to keep the external hazard from endangering her. “Growlithe, Sunny Day!”


The bark of a familiar Pokemon silenced the roaring of the whirling sandstorm, leaving what would’ve been an escaping duo still in plain sight. “Uhhhh...” the woman mumbled, looking down and desperately trying to come up with a back-up plan. Allison’s eyes remain closed. “URSA! URSA!” Teddy waved its arms about, trying to get Allison to pay attention to the situation. Her reluctance to do so was that of being unsure if the outside threat was truly outside of her reach, and in a way, both of them were right. The villains had reached a farther distance away, with various officers encircling them. However, they had one final trick up their sleeves. The man of the duo blurted, “BOLDORE! EXPLOSION!”

Immediately the cops began to fall back, and lights began to emit in thin blades from the craggy beast in multiples as energy began to build up within. Allison’s eyes widened, and she froze in her place staring at the new, upcoming, danger. Then, as the light began to illuminate further, she shut her eyes again.

“Umbreon, reflect!” a woman’s voice called out


Allison cringed due to the pressure of the explosion filling most of the room, but surprisingly, she felt hardly any of it, and her curiosity peaked enough to subvert her own fear and open her eyes. In front of her was a translucent barrier preventing the resultant shockwave from damaging her. “Ursa!” Teddy squeaked, pointing to her left, which she traced her eyes through. “Allison!” the woman exclaimed.

“Cousin Liz!”


Allison relaxed in the car chair, having kept to herself for the majority of the ride. Her exhaustion was not completely without reasoning, as she was not used to plane rides and spontaneous thievery. Luckily for her, she was allowed a car ride from the airport to her destination, and her 24 year old cousin Elizabeth lived in the area, so she was perfect for the job. “So,” Liz started, “You excited for your Pokemon Journey?” she asked.

“Um...” Allison mumbled.

“Ursa!” Teddy squealed enthusiastically.

“Looks like...uh...Teddy is excited, at least. Something keeping you down?”

“...no...nothing at all!” Allison quickly tried to hide behind a smile, building a wall of teeth.

“Your indifference is perplexing.” Liz rolled her eyes as she slowed to a stop, flicking her turn signal on. “Still,” she said as she moved her head to look both ways, “Your father told me how close you are to that Teddiursa. At least you’ll have a close friend to look after you, until you get more that is.” she made the turn.

“...well...” Allison took a glance at her Pokemon sitting in her lap, watching her every move. When they locked eyes, Allison’s worried expression plastered about her face, Teddy grinned, rolled his eyes, and began to chuckle a little. “Heh, it is a little silly isn’t it?” Allison smiled and began to laugh along with it.

“As I expected.” Liz smiled as well, “You’ll do fine!” she then pressed her foot slowly on the brake to slow the car down to a stop, and moved the gear-lever into the park position. “Welp, we’re here!” she yelled.

“Already?” Allison looked up and to the right. Sure enough, the lab was looming over them, “How...convenient.” she smiled weakly, opening the door and stepping out, keeping Teddy clutched in her arms. The building was not intimidating by any means, given her previous lifestyle, but the construction of it left her completely focused.

“Hey Allison, don’t forget your bag!” Liz yelled, clenching the bag in her hand and readying to toss it. Allison flinched as the bag flew towards her, not even prepared to catch it at all, despite its moderate weight. Teddy however, leapt from Allison’s arms and grabbed it in his own, landing on the ground holding the bag that matched his own height an inch above the ground. Allison blushed, embarrassed, and could only utter a single word, “Thanks.”

“No problem. Now, I’ve got to get back to work, sorry I can’t stay with you, but this wasn’t the best terms of schedule. I’ll talk to you some other time, don’t hesitate to call!” With that, Liz revved the engine and zoomed off into the distance, leaving Allison behind. “...it’s just you and me Teddy.” Allison turned around, struggling to take her first step towards her new journey. Before she could complete it, a force finally struck her off balance, literally. “...ow!” Allison yelled, glancing tiredly at her aggressor.

“Watch where you’re going!” she yelled back, turning around and dashing into the lab herself.

“...” Allison had no response in time. Her courteous nature did not do her pride any favors here, and her head slumped to face the ground. “Ursa!” Teddy yelled from the ground.

“Oh! Right!” Allison bent down and grabbed her backpack so the two could continue walking forward into the door that the aggressor had also gone in, but only by coincidence. Allison’s hand trembled as she reached it toward the door: once she took the step in, there was no turning back. She gulped, closed her eyes, and twisted the nob. Once she pulled, she stepped back to allow room for the door to swing open. Her movement remained stationary while she blankly gaped into the tranquil office, Before she could stall for time any longer, Teddy began to push at her legs, “Ursa. URSA!” it squeaked. Allison succumbed to the force and stepped forward, making her way towards the chairs in the lobby that housed several others of a similar age, mostly older. She noticed one of them to be the person who bumped into her earlier, however Allison decided to let it go and avoid making a bad impression on her first day in Oreoho. “Um...hello.” she timidly waved.
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Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING). Empty Re: Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING).

Post by Sniper on Wed Oct 12, 2011 2:44 pm

*tick* *tick* *tick*

A young man was sitting on a park bench staring at his wristwatch, watching the seconds. The minutes, tick by before him. The longer he watched, the slower the ticking seemed to get. He tapped his watch twice with his index finger and tutted as the watch stopped, the battery was gone. He slouched forward slightly, looking around the park for a few moments. The park was in complete stillness, and that perturbed the man slightly, he pulled out his MP3 player and tried to switch it on. Nothing, the screen remained blank. The pertbured expression was now turning into worry. He dropped the MP3 player, desperately scanning his eyes around the near vicinity, looking for life, sound, movement even. Anything.

And then he realised something, there was a definitive reason for this. He looked back to the MP3 player to find that it hadn't moved an inch from where he dropped it. It was just still floating there. He moved closer towards it, taking out his glasses and just before he put them on, he heard some wind flowing behind him. He let go of his glasses and shot around, watching clouds above start to eclipse the sun. Worry turned into panic as darkness set in. He looked back down at his glasses and knew immedaitely that he wasn't in a conscious realm. He somewhat knew what to do, and he shut his eyes.


'Sleep well?'
'I've had far better.'
'Something wrong?'
'...well, I suppose that I've just hit the realisation that I've now got to be a lot more independent in my life, and I've never really had to be in this scenario before...it's not the most pleasant experience, nor is it the most people thought to be having in the back of your mind that you're effectively.'
'C'mon, Zach! Being independent is everyone's dream!'
'Right now, it's my nightmare...I'm not exactly 'feeling it', per say.'
'Honestly Zach, you'll be absolutely fine.'
'I sincerely hope so.'

Zachary opened the fridge door, still wiping the sleep from his eyes as he rather groggily took out the milk, and placed it on the side, walking over towards Dom's cereal cupboard. Dom was watching Zach almost struggle his way across the room, and appeared a little concerned at his cousin's movement.

'Zach, are you alright?'
'Huh? I'm fine.'
'You look shattered, mate! How many hours did you get last night?'
'...three? Maybe two, I'm not sure.'
'Shit! You can't go and see the professor in this state!'
'Caffeine. Red Tauros, and I'll be fine.'
'You can't live on caffeine!'
'Temporary mental stimulation, it's a requirement and a neccesity for me to continue with my day, meet my appointment, and begin my journey. Sleep can wait, Dominic.'
'...listen Zach, I know how you work and everything, but you cannot be seriously considering starting a pokémon journey on three hours of sleep maximum. You'll die.'
'Consider? Not a chance.'
'I made my decision on that when I arrived here.'

Zach opened up the cupboard, reaching to the top shelf and withdrawing a box of cereal, and a small bowl. He promptly shut the cupboard door, and dropped the box onto the floor, the contents of the packet exploding all over the floor.

'For crying out loud.'
'It's alright, I can sort this.'

Dom just shook his head and continued focussing on his own bowl of cereal whilst Zach moved himself towards the sink to go and find a brush to clean up the mess. Once he got hold of it, he slowly sweeped up the flakes into a small pile, before searching for a pan to pick them up with. He walked back over towards the fridge, looking around, and then without realising he was leaving his arms waving around slightly, he knocked over the carton of milk that he had got out earlier. He froze as he watched the contents of the carton drip from the counter onto the floor below, Dom shook his head.

'You're in a mess Zach, seriously.'
'Why on earth did you leave the cap off?'
'Ah well, cereal's no longer an option then. Got any breakfast bars? That'll have to do.'
'Skipping breakfast it is.'
'Energy drinks in the fridge box, Zach, take a big one, I'll clear up the mess...and turn your shirt the right way round while you're at it.'

Zach quickly looked down at the tag poking out of the front of his shirt, ignoring it momentarily whilst he grabbed one of the large cans of the energy drink from the fridge, shutting it afterwards. He walked back into the spare room of the house, still rubbing his eyes in an attempt to gain full consciousness.

'Just drink it now, mate! Take another with ya!'

Zach flicked the ringpull, and rapidly consumed the drink, giving a violent shake of the head afterwards, eyes wide open now. He whipped off his shirt, flipping it round, before making sure that he got it on the right way round this time. Once contented with the manner in which he would be presenting himself at the lab, he then proceeded back into the kitchen, with his satchel across his shoulder, beanie in his hand, and empty can in the other. Dom had just finished wiping away the mess when he saw Zach come back in.

'Does the hair look presentable?'
'Leave the hat on.'
'Right, catch.'

He threw Dom the empty can, and with a quick flick of the wrists, Zach whipped the beige beanie onto his head, before taking another can of the energy drink out of the fridge, and into the bag.

'I do believe that this is the moment where I make my leave.'

Dom walked back over to him, and smirked, shaking his head slightly.

'You'll be fine Zach, just keep your chin up when the times get tough, and you'll be absolutely fine.'
'I hope so...anything can be better than my preparation today!'
'Make sure it doesn't happen again, alright?'
'I'll do my best.'
'Excellent. Now, if you want my personal tip for a start-'
'Already decided.'
'...alright then, Zach. Get yourself out there!'
'Thanks...I'll see you around, I'll come back at some point.'
'I'll be here waiting for ya. Now go on, they're probably waiting for you.'


His cousin's house was close to the lab, but knowing he was running quite early, Zach took a detour through the local park. A serene location with trees surrounding the area and wild bird-type pokémon fluttered around the general vicinity. Zach saw a bench and sat down on it, placing his can of energy drink on the arm. Looking around for a brief moment before looking at his wristwatch. He stared at it watching the seconds, the minutes, tick by before him. The longer he watched, the slower the ticking seemed to get. And at that moment, he forcefully pulled his wrist away and he scanned the park around him. He had seen it before, he had been there before, not even 24 hours ago. This time though, everything was still moving. He took out his MP3 player and turned it on. Sure enough, the screen lit up, and he breathed a somewhat restrained sigh of relief. He closed his eyelids, rubbed his eyes briefly and then looked back towards the arm of the bench. The energy drink. He grabbed it and took a giant swig before standing back up and heading towards the lab for real.

A little shaken, a little stirred. His state of mind already was below par, now he wasn't in an ideal condition to be receiving his first pokémon. Nevertheless, it had to be done today, an appointment had to be kept.


Zach stood for a moment once the lab came within visible distance. He took a quick look at his can of Red Tauros, then finished it off and crushed the can. He wasn't in a great state at all. Three hours sleep, fueled by caffeine, he looked somewhat wretched. At last, he decided to head towards the lab, even if he wasn't doing too great.

Zach sheepishly opened the door, slowly stepping in and turning to notice other similar-aged people sitting and standing around. One had literally just entered the room.

'Sorry, excuse me.'

Zach walked past the girl, eyeing a seat next to one of the guys already there, and he almost slouched into the seat, leaning back and sighing. He rubbed his eye one last time before pulling out his glasses and waiting patiently to receive his pokémon.
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Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING). Empty Re: Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING).

Post by Luminous on Sun Nov 06, 2011 10:22 am

It appeared as if everyone had arrived. The aspiring trainers were seated or stood around the lobby in an erratic fashion. Axel glanced around, his gaze raking over them all. He paused for a moment when he saw an unfamiliar bear-like Pokémon stood at a small girl’s feet but he didn’t question it – he was still irritated by what had happened earlier. There appeared to be just one person who was more irritated than he was, and that was Terra. If looks could harm/kill, then the opposite wall would have crumbled by now. A bespectacled aide with ruffled, coal-coloured hair dashed past them and yelled something at the posse without glancing back:

‘Professor Berry’s on her way!’

Terra made an exasperated noise that sounded like a very heavy sigh. Bethany rolled her eyes. Axel stood up abruptly and leaned around a large wooden bookcase that was laden with many books about Pokémon and mathematics. A white door at the back at the room was still swinging, so it must have been the one that the aide ran through. The scarlet haired male tapped his foot against the floor tiles impatiently, ignoring the others. It could be said that the atmosphere wasn’t all that comfortable. None of them appeared bothered or willing to speak to each other. Their thoughts were very similar – they just wanted Pokémon as soon as possible.

Just as Axel was thinking about pursuing the aide, a tall woman walked through the main doors. Her caramel hued hair was tied up into a tight bun and her lab coat billowed behind her as she walked forwards. The woman was grumbling lowly to herself, her eyes focused upon the empty cup that was clasped tightly within her right hand. A low thud resonated through the clinical space when she walked into the table that was placed close to the door at the far end of the room. She swore loudly as she hopped on the spot.

‘Are you the professor?!’ Terra yelled, her patience wearing thin. The woman in the lab coat placed her cup on the table and span around, her face puckered into a very pronounced pout.

‘As a matter of fact, YES I AM Professor Berry! I cannot attend to your needs at the moment because there are more important matters at hand!’

Berry stepped aside and pointed at an object dramatically. The object was an empty coffee maker. By now the rest of the group were stood up and all of them were wearing quizzical expressions, as if they were expecting the machine to spontaneously grow feet and start tap dancing across the wooden surface that it was stood on.

‘There was no coffee at the café, and I come back here to see that there’s no coffee left IN MY OWN LABORATORY! You can wait here; the aide will give you your Pokémon…hang on…’

‘Why should we…’ Terra started, glaring at the older woman.

‘SHUT UP!’ Berry screamed, making Allison jump.

The aide must have heard something (to be honest he would have had to be deaf not to have heard Berry’s banshee call) because he dashed out of the door that he had entered a short while ago.

‘Is there a problem Professor?’ the aide enquired tentatively.

Berry paused, collecting herself.
‘I’m going to get a beverage. Could you give these kids their Pokémon? I’ll be back shortly,’ she growled irritably. Before the aide could respond Berry had stormed out of the laboratory, slamming the door behind her. A plant pot fell from one of the windowsills and smashed.

‘Wow, looks like all of the women have PMT today,’ Dustin smirked.

Before anybody could possibly react an enraged Terra was storming towards him. Dustin glanced at her and winked.

‘Y’know I was kid…’

Before he could finish his sentence she punched him in the diaphragm, making him keel over. Tears were streaming out of his eyes.
‘Hey! There was no need for…’
Again, Dustin was interrupted, but this time it was by a foot impacting against his crown jewels. He bit his lip; wiling himself not to yell out in pain (he wasn’t going to embarrass himself even further in front of a girl). He succeeded, but he crumpled to the floor and remained on the tiles in a foetal position. Axel was guffawing in laughter and Bethany couldn’t help but smile in a spiteful manner. Terra shot a warning glance at Axel and he immediately shut up. Normally he would have bitten back, but he knew full well how much pain Dustin must be in. Allison looked concerned but unsure as to what she should do – she didn’t want to face the wrath of Terra by helping him. Zach remained impartial to the whole event.

‘O…okay, I’ll go and get the starter Pokémon…’ the aide stuttered, dashing away once more. It appeared as if he didn’t want to be around a group of unstable teens. Dustin was moaning in pain.
‘Are you okay?’ Allison asked, having decided that it was the right thing to do. Her Teddiursa was watching Dustin, its head following Dustin’s movements.
‘Mmmffff,’ Dustin uttered, his face pressed against his chest. Terra was watching him like a hawk.

The laboratory shook. Axel lost his balance and landed on his bottom. He was quickly followed by Allison. Bethany and Zach were clinging into the bookshelves. Dustin had literally been shaken out of his self pity and he clambered into an upright position unsteadily. Terra appeared to have the best balance as she was still in roughly the same position that she had been stood in before. Black smoke billowed from underneath the doorframe. The aide ran into the door from the other side, causing it to fall right off of its hinges. He was yelling inaudibly at them. Before anybody had a moment to question what language he was speaking in he placed all of the Pokeballs on the table clumsily and ran out of the main entrance.

‘What the hell?!’ Axel and Terra exclaimed simultaneously. The smoke was starting to fill the main expanse, clouding their vision. Spherical shapes could barely bee seen rolling towards them. Sparks flew from their ball-shaped bodies.

‘Torb! Voltorb!’ the Pokémon chorused. It could be assumed that they weren’t a happy bunch of Pokémon at all. There must have been around a dozen of them but it was hard to tell through the blanket of smoke.

‘Professor Oak would have never been this tardy,’ Bethany sighed, squinting through the sheet of thick vapour.

‘What are those things?’ Axel asked dully.

‘Voltorbs. All I have to say is…shit,’ Zach stated simply.

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Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING). Empty Re: Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING).

Post by Lyvee on Mon Nov 14, 2011 2:50 pm

Had Bethany had the time to fully comprehend the situation she probably would have snatched her pokeball and ran, figuring that perhaps staying alive another day was much preferable to throwing oneself into the fray. She hastily pulled down the white framed glasses that were perched on her head, giving herself a tad more visibility in the wafting smoke. Impulsively, Beth lunged towards the table, fumbling around with the pokeballs until she found the one engraved with her name. Allowing herself a second to ready herself, she pressed the central button and threw the pokeball into the air. It flipped open, before being engulfed in light. It was a beacon in the dust cloud, almost able to penetrate fully through the thick fog. The light struck the floor like lightning, forming a reddish silhouette. The colour quickly faded, revealing a small humanoid.

It was a green reptilian creature, almost snake-like. The pokemon looked as though it were wearing a royal jacket and had a very regal demeanor. It also had an air of superiority lent by it's cool posture and squinting eyes, as though it were looking down on the others. Bethany, sharing a similar expression, turned to the others, who were stood watching. She knew they were jealous. Of course they were!
“Well are you just going to stand there and gawp? Or perhaps you like the idea of having your legs blown off?!” She asked rhetorically, flapping her arms wildly to motivate some movement. Behind her the sound of metallic scratching was becoming more audible...they were closing in.

Soon the air was full of pokeballs lighting up the air as pokemon were sent into the fight. Axew, a Charmander and a Cyndaquil joined Snivy. The numbers didn't add up, there should have been at least two more pokemon there. Bethany, flustered by the oncoming armada of Voltorb looked behind her. The two girls hadn't released their pokemon! Presumably they were too scared and wimpy. Beth scoffed... Pathetic women. She would have shouted at them, but the high pitch screeches of Voltorb pierced through the air. It was time to battle.

“Electrooooooode!” A similar, but subtlely different screech cut through the air. Behind the advancing Voltorb a black shadowy ball arose above them. It was easily the size of multiple Voltorb put together. As it drew closer and out of the smoke it became clear what it was. It was a behemoth of a voltorb, like several of them had combined, power-rangers style. A massive construction with evil red eyes, discharging electricity from it's cheeks. Had any of them had pokedexes they would know this to be an Electrode easily from the different colour scheme. The appearance of the beast stopped the voltorb in their tracks. Each of them looking at their leader, suddenly bursting into a chorus of chants. They began to role around the giant metal ball, creating a sort of queue.

Sparks flew into the air. The Voltorb at the front of the queue began to electrocute the next one in the line, before passing out and rolling where ever gravity took it. The Voltorb that had been shocked did the same to the next one. Whilst this was going on the group of newbies exchanged confused looks. Not one of them knew what was really happening, all they could tell was that it wasn't going to end nicely.
“They're creating a charge! Passing it along to power the big one. Oh dear!” Bethany heard a voice ring out behind her. She didn't know who it was, and neither did she care. They had to put a stop to the circuit.

Due to their lack of experience, it was no surprise that their assaults were meaningless. Wrong attack orders, badly thought out tactics and terrible timing made it difficult for the barrage of tackles to make any impact. Charmander eventually made one Voltorb move an inch, but it wasn't enough to stop the Voltorb chain from continuing.
“Everyone attack together! A combined effort may make a dent” Zach called pointing and urging them. Bethany was reluctant to oblige but settled on the idea, judging it to be the best plan of action. “Snivy...you know what to do” The other two boys nodded in agreement and quickly called out their orders. The four pokemon smashed at the final Voltorb, the fuse just a few pokemon away. It barely did anything, just rolling the pokemon slightly, which simply got back into place. It was pretty much useless. The fresh pokemon were not strong enough to move the metal creature. Despite their efforts it wasn't going to budge.
“So this is it. I'm going to die in a lab, surrounded by idiots. This would never have happened in Kanto” Bethany sighed quite audibly, half tempted to run. She called her pokemon back, having given up, holding it in her arms and hoping for a miracle. The others started to do the same, preparing themselves to run or hide.

The fuse had just reached the last Voltorb who began to charge the large monster next to it. The giant Voltorb began to glow and hum, as though it was preparing something...something big. The humming got louder and louder and the glowing more epilepsy inducing with each second. Soon the area, which was now free of smoke and fog, was glowing like a disco. The light made it very hard to see, and escape was becoming less of an option.
“Tedddddi....URSA!” The defiant, and slightly cute voice ripped through the hum, stopping it. The only thing that could be heard was the clanking of metal and large yelps of pain. The glowing continued making it difficult to see what was actually happening, although Bethany had a clue. The noise stopped and soon after the glowing began to fade from the large Voltorb-turned-lamp. The sight that was revealed was quite extraordinary...

Allison's Teddiursa lay next to the defeated giant ball, having obviously spent too much energy smacking the circuitry out of a Voltorb. It lay peacefully amongst the wreckage, snoring away. Bethany, sensing an opportunity placed her own pokemon on the floor and pulled her glasses back into her hair. She reached for her pokeball and threw it at the resting pokemon. She could hear the gasps as she did so, ending in a thud as the pokeball bounced off the bear-like creature. Obviously it hadn't worked as Teddiursa already had a master. Her desire to run from the scene returned once more as she looked around at the others, some of whom were shaking their heads or gasping, including a very unimpressed looking Snivy...
“Meh...it was worth a shot”
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Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING). Empty Re: Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING).

Post by Tuitfio on Wed Jan 04, 2012 12:44 pm

"Well, well, well... Bethany was it?" Dustin asked as he slyly walked over to the girl who's face was beginning to show I slightly rouge tinge, however before she could answer he continued. "I would never of thought it, a girl having the cojones to try and still steal someone's Pokemon." Once again as she tried to speak he interrupted her, this time putting a finger to her lips. "Don't worry, I like that in a woman" he whispered.


Eyes watering Dustin looked down to see the foot of Terra, who was now standing behind him, once again connecting with his junk. His right eye twitched, his bottom lip being bitten, a slight snivel was heard and suddenly he was on the floor again.

Terra looked at Bethany, then to the bewildered face of Allison, before returning to Bethany with a stern look. She opened her mouth to talk.

"Ahhh my Voltorb!" cried a middle-aged voice, as Professor Berry rushed down the laboratory, being very careful not to slip her overfilled cup of coffee. "Do you have any idea how important these ar-aahhh" Her eyes had caught sight of the defeated Electrode. She turned to face the teens, teeth gritted.

"Berry, baby! These monsters tried to attack us so I single handedly stopped them." Dustin had returned to his feet and was now talking to the rather angry looking professor.

"You did this?"

"I most certainly did!" A smirk spread across his face as he started to show off his biceps. He placed his foot onto the desk but as he did so he knocked the coffee cup onto the floor. He turned Professor Berry, a vein was now bulging out of her forehead.

"GET OUT!!!" She screamed "All of you!" And with that the teams bolted through the open doors leading outside.

"Well what got her knickers in a twist?" Dustin asked openly.

"Hmm I wonder?" Came the voice of Axel as everyone glared at Dustin. Dustin simply looked around at his new surroundings, it was a warm day with the blue sky being broken up by only a few pillows of white cloud. The trees swayed gently in the breeze as the eyes of Dustin fell upon a sign.

Route 1

"Well ladies and gentleman, it has been great to meet you all but me and my new buddy best be off, there are these four trainers I think I'll go and defeat!" With a wink and a smirk, he turned on his heels and being to bowl down the path leading towards route 1.

"That guy, is infuriating!" Terra huffed.

"Derek!" Professor Berry called as the aide scurried up the lab. The professor looked at her aide, she was now fully of coffee and her face seemed gentle and caring. "Derek, what on earth happened here today?"

"W-w-well as I got the young trainers things, I caught sight of the Voltorbs, only I didn't know they were Voltorbs, I thought they may have been some weird new pokeball, like a bigger one... I poked one with my foot and I guess it got annoyed because when I turned my back to grab those trainers things, they rushed me. So I threw the trainers their stuff and hightailed it outta here!" The professor sighed, her hand rubbed her forehead as she thought of what to do with the aide.

"Hmm I guess you are new, the Pokemon are ok and the trainers got the pokeballs and pokedex..."

"Pokedex? Miss." The aide interjected.

"Yes their pokedex, you did give the trainers each their pokedex, right?" Reading the expression on her aides face she need not have him answer. Her face screwed up before she controlled it to look caring and gentle once more. "This is what you are going to do, one you will take the pokedex of the shelf, two you will find the you ladies and gentlemen and three you will return here once you are done so I can decide what to do with you!" He voice rising as the sentence went on. With a little yelp the aide hurried off into the store room, grabbed the pokedex before exiting the lab. He looked around, there was no sign of anyone.

"Oh this is going to be hard..." He whined.
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Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING). Empty Re: Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING).

Post by Terra on Sun Jan 08, 2012 11:59 am

"Good riddance!"

Terra scowled, watching as Dustin made his way off down route 1. The chauvinistic trainer had pissed her off to no end in the matter of only a few minutes. Her foot colliding with his crown jewels twice had been a justifiable reaction, no matter what the others thought. It wasn't like they mattered anyway, they were just some newbies that she ended up being in the same room with. Well no longer, she had no plans of traveling with any of them. Clipping the pokeball, which had been hot in her hand up until this point, onto her belt loop, she curtly waved to the others.

"So long."

With not so much as a second for any of them to respond (Not like they would), Terra dashed off down route 1 as Dustin had. She made it all but 12 feet from the rest of the group before a rather low lying root missed her view. She fell forward as soon as her right foot connected with it. A direct face-plant.


Before they could so much as blink, the girl was on her feet again, brushing herself off with a frown engraved on her face. As soon as she was as pleased as possible with her clothing, she kicked the root and bit her lip. Keeping herself from screaming: "OH SHIT!" she forced herself to keep running further into the route. No way she was going to embarrass herself in front of those people anymore. They were the ones that should have been wary of her. She was going to be a master after all.

As soon as she got into the deeper part of the route, Terra's walk was lacking the self-induced pain. Just a quiet walk, a frown set on her face as she looked around. No pokemon in the area, and no trainers to try and test her strength. What a drag! After walking for about another five minutes, she stopped, hanging her head. The journey was boring her! It should NOT have been boring her like this... it shouldn't have been boring her at all!

As if it could have felt this, the pokeball on her belt loop opened with a pop, red light shooting out in front of her. At first she didn't notice because her palm had been stuck to her disappointed face. It wasn't until the turtle that had been inside the sphere stretched and said her name that Terra looked up, her eyes rather wide. The hand that had been on her face went down to her side, realizing it was open; The turtle pokemon was hers.

"Huh? When did you?- Why did you?- Ahhh just forget it!"

The turtle shifted her head to the side, walking over to her trainer. She tugged on the angered and tired teen's pant leg; Terra looked down at the turtle with a sigh. Another tug on her pants and she suddenly glared at the tiny turtle, the pokemon remained indifferent. The trainer sighed again, but this time she began to move, continuing on with the route. The turtle followed, a content smile on her face.

Another five minutes of walking proved to hold the same boredom. No pokemon to catch, no trainers to battle, no excitement to this adventure whatsoever. Terra was just about to stop for the second time when her miniature companion ran off ahead of her into the tall grasses. At this, her hands balled into fists for a moment, what was the turtle doing? The idea surfaced several seconds later that the pokemon had noticed something she hadn't. Rushing in the direction the turtle had somehow beat her to, the teen was rather surprised; The little pokemon had found a bird to fight with. A Pidgey.


At this the bird looked up, rolled its eyes, and went back to what it had been doing. Terra glared back at the bird, so she wasn't good enough for it?

"Oh yeah? Tackle it Squirtle!"


The turtle suddenly lunged at the bird; The bird, having not been paying the trainer and her partner any mind was hit directly. It looked defeated for only a second before it got up, now glaring at Terra. Instead of going for the turtle however, it began to fly and charged the trainer as fast as its tiny wings would allow. Terra's eyes widened as it came at her, she stumbled backwards and fell on her butt, narrowly avoiding its contact with her. The bird stopped going for her, flying in place with a strange chirpy chortle.

In its stunning lack of focus, the turtle came flying at it again, hitting it dead on as it had last time. The bird plummeted to the ground, and Terra, though unhappy with having fallen on her rear end, smiled. That oughta show it who's in charge around here. Getting to her feet, she reached in her bag for one of the five other pokeballs the aids had given her. Just when she had it in hand and she got ready to throw it though, the bird was back up and flying off rather quickly. Terra glowered.

"Oh no you don't!"

Terra and Squirtle darted after the Pidgey, who only seemed to fly faster as they chased it. Neither trainer nor pokemon could understand how the thing had this much energy after taking two direct hits. It should have barely been able to fly by now! And yet, she still chased after it, screaming at it every so often to: "COME BACK HERE!" or "WHEN I CATCH YOU...". The bird paid her no mind as it had done when she first encountered it and continued to fly. It was only when it ducked around to narrow trees and Terra went flying into them that it got away. Squirtle had smartly stopped and was watching her trainer as she cursed and pulled herself out of the tight gap.


Bringing her palm to her face, she sighed angrily. This couldn't possible get any worse! Or so she thought, for a slight chuckle barely registered. The voice was unmistakeable, the owner had left a deep first impression. She had given him two things to remember her by. Looking up, she felt like banging her head against the nearby tree; it was him. Dustin.

". . . Oh for fucks sake!"

He snickered.

"HA! Good going with that Pidgey."

If looks could kill, the glare she gave back to him would have ended him before he could blink. He noticed this and raised his hands in the air, remembering just how temperamental this girl was. As much as he enjoyed her parting gifts, he didn't wish to receive another one.

"Please don't kick me in the nuts again."

"Lay off and maybe I won't have to!"

". . . I'll think about it."

Terra sighed in complete and total exasperation, her palm met her forehead once again. She stayed like this, Squirtle looking at the man with confused concern. Who was he, and why was her trainer so upset by him? As the silence began to grow awkward, Dustin swung a fist casually into his open palm.

"Soo... anyway I guess I'll be going and if I see an Pidgey I'll be sure to warn them about you."

He winked at her. She stopped facepalming for a moment to glare at him, her hands balling into fists. She began to move towards him, but stopped short, her hands releasing. She sighed and turned to go.


However, Squirtle had other ideas. She quickly ran over to her trainer, and tugged on her pant leg. This had worked before, so why not try it again?


The tiny turtle pointed at Dustin with a confident nod, Terra's eyes widened.

"What!? No. No way!"

The turtle just nodded again.

"I said no!"

At this, the turtle turned from her trainer and ran over to Dustin. Once positioned in front of his feet, she turned back to her trainer and crossed her stubby arms, a defiant look set on her face. Terra's right eye twitched with annoyance, no way was she going to travel with that sexist pig. Or so she thought... she had no power in this situation unfortunately. She sighed.

" . . . fine."

She looked over at Dustin, her teeth tightly clenched as she looked at him. Grumbling under her breath, she barely got the words out.

"Can I come with you?"

At this Dustin raised his arms yet again, backing up slightly. It was a definite turn off.

"Woah I dunno about that... I mean what if people think we're..."

He shuddered as he thought the last two words and forced it out.

"A couple. You'd totally ruin my chances with the ladies."

Terra's hands formed fists yet again, a deep set glare pinning him to his spot. She so wished it would just kill him already so she could move on.

"Dick! As if!"

She turned to go but was stopped short.


"But he-"

The turtle glared back at her trainer and the teen submitted in defeat. She wasn't going to get anywhere if her own pokemon wouldn't go with her. A sigh and she began to grumble again.

"I'll stay out of your way."

Dustin smirked. This was an interesting twist indeed, having total control over Terra. As long as he didn't push her too far, he could have a little fun with this.

"Hmm... well I really was planning to go on alone but..."

Dustin smiled.

"I suppose we could have a trial period."

Squirtle nodded at this, Terra began to grumble again.

"Yeah... sure. Whatever you say..."

"Awesome! Now let's find that Pidgey and I'll teach you how to catch it."

Terra glared, putting as much venom into it as she possibly could. At this, Squirtle began to tug on her leg once more and she sighed in defeat. Back to the grumbling.


And thus the two began to venture further into route 1; Dustin kept smirking, Terra thought only of how hard she'd have to hit her head against a tree to knock herself out.

I threw a wish in a well and now I've got you. :)
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Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING). Empty Re: Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING).

Post by Lyvee on Fri Jan 27, 2012 12:30 pm

Even if Snivy hadn't taken off up Route 1, there was no way Bethany would have stuck around with the others. To her they were little more than an obstacle she had to overcome to start her real journey. A journey that she would undertake on her own, with no people, no relationships. But no sooner had one hurdle been cleared another problem was now presenting itself. Snivy. Justifiably hurt by Bethany's criminal actions he had scurried off up route 1 at a startling pace, forcing the girl to follow shortly behind him shouting half hearted apologies.
“Comon' I was just testing my pokeballs” she called to the diva pokemon, before muttering some curses under her breath. Snivy stopped and looked at her, raising a sceptical eyebrow. He studied her for a few seconds, trying to make sense of her. She had began to pull her most sincere face and was attempting puppy dog eyes. It looked as though the plot was was about to work as Snivy began to turn around fully, but his head suddenly pricked up. He looked alert, quickly turning his head to the right, facing a mass of trees and bushes before jumping in with a flash.
“You have got to be kidding me?” Bethany huffed before running into the foliage after him.

It took 5 minutes of climbing and careful footwork before Bethany reached an opening in the forest, where Snivy was nowhere to be seen Okay you've made your point. A beam of light engulfed the opening, which was rich was healthy green grass and various flowers and plants, all of which looked dazzling. Even the cold hearted girl was tempted to pick a few. She looked around in bewilderment for a few seconds, before realising she had a pokemon to catch.
“Spearow!” A cackling call rushed through the opening. It was cold, sharp and menacing..

Bethany landed on the ground with a thud and was immediately pinned down by three bodies that landed on top of her. She hesitantly opened her eyes, gasping when she saw her attackers. Three birds - red winged, evil looking beasts. They started making their way up her stomach, looking greedily at her bag. They scrambled onto it and began pecking, getting a hold on the bag and beginning to tug at it, attempting to prise it from Bethany. She'd realised their intentions and pulled back, there was no way they were getting hold of her possessions!
“Get off my bag, you rodents!” She squealed, tugging a few more times at her bag. She was still on the floor whilst the Spearow pulled from the air. The tug of war continued for several minutes.

The bag fell onto Bethany's stomach, who let out a groan. The three Spearow were flung through the air into trees which they then slid down, unconscious from the surprise attack. As Bethany writhed around groaning, she could hear the sound of movement, as though the air was being sliced. It stopped nearby, forcing Bethany to open her eyes to see what it was...Snivy. Bethany sighed in relief, grateful that it wasn't just some other pokemon, especially one that would eat her.
“Wow...erm, thanks. I suppose” She stuttered, the recent events had taken a bit of a toll on her. Snivy gave what seemed like a smile before turning around and pointing up into the branches of some nearby trees. There were nests, several of them dotted around the tree, presumably the Spearow's, but one of the branches held something odd..a bag?

The contents spilled onto the floor. A wallet, some potions and a few other bits and bobs scattered on the floor. Bethany immediately pocketed the potions and began rummaging through the wallet, looking for money but there was none, but there was some I.D. The card was a little worn but readable. It belonged to a male student at the Emerald Town University, Thomas Whigfield who must have wondered into the forest and was attacked by the same Spearow.
“Say, we should return this!” Bethany squeaked, a little bit too excited about doing good. Even Snivy was sceptical, perhaps her run in with the Spearow had caused her to have an epiphany? “What if he gives us a reward!” Snivy scoffed, he knew it was too good to be true. He was at least comforted by her willingness to follow him into the forest and was willing to give her another go. She, on the other hand was impressed by his display of battle prowess and had found a new found respect for her pokemon.
“We should go, I don't really feel like seeing if more of them turn up” She said, turning to make her way back out. Snivy jumped ahead of her and beckoned her to follow, he would be her guide.

The duo emerged back onto the path, with Bethany looking a little worse for ware, her clothes were ruffled and dirty, and there were a few peck marks on her arms and face. A quick survey of the path revealed two figures coming their way. Bethany grimaced, recognizing the pair from the lab. It was the slimy guy and one of the girls. She did not have the energy to burst into a brisk pace up the path so stood and waited for them to approach.
“Emerald Town?” She asked, managing to muster up a half hearted smile. She had given it a little thought and if the Spearow, or any other pokemon tried to attack her, she would much rather have a few other people share her misfortune.
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Self proclaimed Manifesting Procrastinating Machination

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Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING). Empty Re: Oreoho, the 9,001st remake! (MISFITS, AWAYYYY! NOT ACCEPTING).

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