Cursed Life

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Cursed Life

Post by Terra on Fri Nov 18, 2011 6:17 pm

My story thus far... as sad as it may be.

Click. Click. Click.

A woman dressed in all white carrying a jar walks through town, all people cringing as she moves through the street. They all know why she is here, they've all seen the effects of her work. She doesn't respond to them though, her face set on its usual neutrality, her eyes dull and unexpressive. As she reaches her destination she stops, staring at the closed wooden door while closing her eyes for a moment. This is the part her inner self regrets, but her outward appearance shows no signs of discomfort.


The wooden door is forced upon by an unseen force, the woman with the jar entering without a word. She blinks once as her eyes scan the house, finding her target in minutes. Cowering in a corner, surrounded by two older figures, is her mark. The one that her superior believes has something that belongs to them, the poor soul who has to deal with the aftermath of his judgement. While she believes deep down that what she must do is wrong, she has no choice in the matter.

Click... click... click...

The two older figures in the way are foolish as they move forward trying to stop the inevitable. The attempt to lay their hands on her, but before they can so much as reach grabbing distance they are tossed aside. As they hit the sturdy walls, they are knocked unconscious and the mark cowers further. She watches as tears fill in her mark's eyes, but her focus on the cowering form is broken for a moment. She quietly moves over to the two knocked out figures whispering something inaudible and incoherent to the other.


The two figures turn pale as the woman's jar opens, a moderate amount of pink aura leaving the two. It collects in the jar, and then the lid is closed; the woman turns to her mark. More tears, more shaking, more pleas for help. Its all useless. The woman moves over to her mark and more tears spill, more cries for help, more pointless actions. Nothing will stop what is about to happen; At least not anything expected. The woman opens the jar silently, closing her eyes.


Instead of the pink aura drifting into the jar, a large surge of black energy shot out at the woman. It knocked her backwards, but she stayed standing, her eyes suddenly full of a fierce determination. Once again she muttered what seemed to be incoherent nonsense, moving back over to her mark. She was met with more black energy that attempted once more to blow her backwards; She fought back with a strong determination to finish the job.


More energy spiraled forth at the woman, determination fighting back just as strongly. It continued like this for several minutes before the determination left the woman's eyes and she closed the jar. Forced back by the energy, she stumbled for a moment, closing her eyes once more. She shook her head slowly. This had never happened before, but she knew what she had to do; she opened her eyes and muttered more incoherent nonsense.


As she opened the jar, the black energy shot at her once more, but instead it was reflected back at the cowering form from whence it came. It struck the form and she cried out as she was forced against the wall; the woman remained silent. The pink energy that filled the scared figure began to seep out and disappear. And then the woman fell back down, the black energy finished; the pink disappeared completely. The woman closed her eyes, her superior wouldn't be happy about this... but it had to be done. She turned to leave, the cowering figure lying there.


That was two years ago. Since then, I've been cursed... left to forever feel the effects of what that woman did to me. I know not what she did to me, but I must find out. Though I leave destruction in my path, and I have nothing to call my own... I must find her. I must have this reversed.


[b][u]Level[/u]:[/b] 1
[b][u]Exp[/u]:[/b] 0/10
[b][u]A-Ability[/u]:[/b] Item

[b]IP:[/b] 0/10
[b]Crit:[/b] 5%
[b]Move:[/b] 2 Cells
[b][u]Skill Points[/u]:[/b] 0

Fill this sheet out and PM it to me for approval or denial. Stats and MP costs are mine to decide. There is a new mechanic that I added here that you see as IP.

Inner Power is a scale that builds up as you attack the enemy. Doing damage increases it by 1 point. KOing an enemy with more than 50% of its HP remaining increases it by 3 points. If you take more than 25% Max HP damage from an attack you lose 1 point. If you are KOed you lose 3 points. If you are KOed with more than 50% Max HP then your IP is reduced to 0 (unless you are in negatives in which case you lose 5 points).

Once you have 10 points, you have the option of one or two things. You can either use it instantly to gain a 25% stat boost to all stats for the rest of the battle at the penalty of locking your Inner Power for the rest of the battle. Or you can hold onto it and activate your D-Ability whenever you like.

Your IP can also go into the negatives. If for whatever reason you get -10 IP, you will have a 25% stat reduction to all stats for the rest of the battle and your IP is locked also for the rest of the battle. If you get -10 IP, you start the next battle the same way, however, the IP will not be locked and upon reaching 0 IP your stats will return to normal.

As soon as I get a decent amount of interest we'll start this thing.

I threw a wish in a well and now I've got you. :)
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